Hosted Intranets

Have you ever misplaced a file and then spent valuable time trying to locate it in a physical filing cabinet, to no avail? Have you had staff members leave your company and take their precious knowledge with them? Would you benefit from having all of your important company data stored in one place for your staff to access, anywhere, anytime? If you said yes to any one of these questions, then you need a Hosted Intranet.

A Hosted Intranet is a platform to store your company’s precious data, making your office more efficient and paper-free. It doesn’t end there: communicate company values and collaborate with your employees. Share the most updated document policies and procedures. Organize schedules and document staff roles and responsibilities. All in one easy-to-use Hosted Intranet from Digital Sky Solutions.

Improve Productivity

Provide easy access to information, streamline business practices and improve customer service

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Retain Knowledge & Best Practices

Ensure key knowledge doesn’t get lost with employee turnover

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Reduce Risk & Ensure Compliance

Ensure best-practice, quality work every time with policies and procedures at your staff’s fingertips

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Foster Engagement

Facilitate employee collaboration and communication

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