It’s hard to imagine life without it. I can say that we’d be much less productive if we didn’t have such an active collaboration system. Collectively the system saves us at least 60 hours a month. We have cut down on time spent in meetings and searching for information.
We used to make mistakes, due to stale or non existent information. Those mistakes have been eliminated. Now everyone in the company has a central location for all of their diverse information needs, better communication, and real collaboration across groups.

-Marlee, Baker View Health Centre

Digital Sky Solutions helped our office out a lot! We are so glad we subscribed to the back-up service. We experienced a few times where our patient records were lost from our patient files. We called and they worked on our issue right away. They did more than our regular monthly service that we subscribed to, and he didn’t even charge us for the extra time spent. Very good customer service – we recommend Digital Sky Solutions to everyone!

Judy, SFU Dental



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