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5 Ways We Can Supplement Your Internal IT Department Before You Hire New Staff

5 Ways We Can Supplement Your Internal IT Department Before You Hire New Staff

There are only so many hours in the workday, so regardless of how talented your in-house IT department is, they could fall behind schedule. Projects could get put on the backburner. Important security updates or maintenance could be delayed. Support requests can stack up. Fortunately, there are also many ways that we can help ease the workload and reduce the chance that any delays or missed deadlines come about as a result.

How a Business’ IT Department Can Get Bogged Down

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of reasons that your IT team can fall behind in their duties. For instance:

  • Their assigned projects may take longer than anticipated. If something that was projected to take 20 hours actually takes 30, your team can find themselves days behind schedule, which snowballs into much larger issues.
  • A migration from one solution to another may prove more complicated (and more time-consuming) than planned. Likewise, if migration of any kind proves to take longer or has more steps than anticipated, your IT team will be in the same boat. This is incredibly common, especially for IT departments that don’t get the opportunity to work on these types of projects on a regular basis.
  • The rest of your team might have an increased need for their support at an inopportune time. Unfortunately for your IT team, their duties aren’t the only source of delays they must deal with. Any issues that cause the rest of your team to turn to IT take time away from other projects.
  • Your IT team may have their attention split, particularly if you only have one person. Of course, this has all been under the (almost certainly false) assumption that your IT team will only have one hurdle to clear at any given time. This isn’t often the case, so numerous priorities may create conflicts in what is attended to first.
  • Sometimes, an IT department just doesn’t have the experience working with certain technology. This isn’t really their fault either—they are your employees, and if they’ve been with you for a few years, they likely don’t get the opportunity to stretch their skills out until they do it for the first time for you. This means time needs to go into training and learning on the job, and that can take up a lot of time.

Any of these reasons could very easily cause your IT team to fall behind, and this is far from a comprehensive list. Bottlenecks can often happen, especially when a task is postponed for too long or falls off your radar… and it is only too often that these bottlenecks turn into real problems.

We Uplift Busy IT Departments

There are a few ways that we can provide your IT team with support:

We’ll Handle the Essential IT Management Tasks 

A business’ IT infrastructure isn’t a “set it and forget it” thing. There are a lot of relatively smaller, routine aspects that need to be completed regularly to ensure a business is ready to serve its purpose to its clientele. From applying security updates and patches to testing the viability of your backups, and more, we can take care of these responsibilities so your team can focus on the bigger stuff.

We Provide End User Support

Chances are, you don’t have a team made up entirely of IT professionals and tech wizards, and will therefore need to occasionally provide support services. Instead of your team dedicating time to this kind of disruptive maintenance, we can provide a remote help desk for your team to turn to.

We’ll Tackle Complex Cloud Migrations

If you’re considering a shift to the cloud, we strongly recommend that you pull the metaphorical trigger on that project… as well as allow us to handle it. We have extensive experience with taking older or otherwise complicated systems and seamlessly migrating them to the cloud, often without any challenges or incurred downtime.

We’ll Cover Compliance and Security Projects

Compliance and security aren’t anything to joke about in this day and age, which is why we take both as seriously as we do. We can help you meet the requirements of any particular standards you’re beholden to, as well as make pre-and post-audit adjustments as needed.

We Leave IT Departments Better Than We Found Them

This part is extremely important to us. We’re not in the business to replace your IT department. We want your technicians to have long, fulfilling careers at your company. When we get called in to perform a project, we make sure everything we do is thoroughly documented, and we spend time training your current IT staff so they can support what we’ve done for you. We want them to feel comfortable working with us, so in case we’re ever needed again, they are happy to reach out.

We’ll Undertake IT Infrastructure and Roadmapping 

A CIO—Chief Information Officer—is a valuable member of the C suite that guides a business’ IT strategy, planning, and implementation. We’ll serve the same purpose for your business, helping to smooth out the processes involved with any upgrades, migrations, scaling up, or scaling down on your business’ behalf.

Don’t leave your IT team hanging—give them the support they’ll need to successfully fulfill their role in your business. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can accomplish on your business’ behalf. Give us a call at (250) 483-5623 today!

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