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Don’t Be Put on Hold When it Comes to Your VoIP Phone System


Voice over IP (VoIP) has changed the way businesses use and pay for their phone systems. Not only does it offer a huge set of features, but it can save most companies a lot of money, provided they get a solution that fits their needs and doesn’t get into the wrong type of contract. Digital Sky Solutions can help your business get the most out of VoIP, and we’ve partnered with one of the best VoIP providers in BC to do it.


Shaw has long been a household name, as one of British Columbia's most trusted Internet providers. They also have a fantastic VoIP solution for commercial customers. Their business-oriented VoIP solution, SmartVoice, offers a lot of potential for businesses of all sizes, but it can take some effort to get the right solution, negotiate the contract, and make sure you continue to stay within that contract.

We’ve partnered with Shaw to help local businesses bypass the complex onboarding process. Skip the phone lines and confusing upsells and get an incredible VoIP phone system running for your business right away.

VoIP is a Game Changer for Modern Businesses

If your organization hasn’t made the switch yet, it’s seriously time to consider it. Traditional phone systems are expensive to set up and maintain, and often very cost-prohibitive to upscale as things change within your business. Most VoIP solutions, on the other hand, are scalable and flexible, and can typically reduce a business’ overall spend on voice communication, while adding a lot of additional features like instant messaging, call forwarding, and conferencing. 

VoIP’s flexibility does create a lot of choices when onboarding and choosing the right solution for your business. Those options can make the buying process a challenge, much like any purchase that has a lot of variables.

Shaw is a trusted name for VoIP solutions throughout British Columbia, so you can count on them for taking care of you during your contract. If something does go wrong, they are great with support and understand that your ability to communicate is critical to your business operations.

There are some really great features that come with Shaw’s SmartVoice service, such as:

  • Voicemail to email - get voicemails sent directly to your email.
  • Anywhere access - log into your phone from home as if you were sitting at your desk in the office.
  • Conferencing - Create conference calls effortlessly in real-time, as you need them.
  • Messaging and Video Calling - Collaborate from anywhere.

Digital Sky Will Make Sure You Get the VoIP Plan That Fits Your Business

Your organization shouldn’t have to pay more than it needs to in order to communicate effectively with your customers. We’ve helped local businesses set up new phone systems and upgrade their existing phone systems, and we understand the hidden pitfalls that come with certain service contracts. We’re not going to try to upsell you on a feature we don’t think you need—but we will help you navigate the complex options so you can make the decision with knowledge and confidence.

We’ll help you choose the right plan, streamline the paperwork, and best of all, not make you wait on hold through the whole process. Your time is way too valuable for that.

We Ensure Your Shaw VoIP Contracts Don’t Go Stale

One caveat we’ve found with some VoIP providers is that after the one, two, or three-year contract is over, the account gets downgraded to a month-by-month contract. This can often mean the price increases substantially. In some cases, your monthly VoIP bill could increase by as much as 30 or 40 percent! 

We’ll ensure that doesn’t happen by ensuring your long-term contract stays renewed and we’ll continue to work with you as your needs and requirements change so you can get the best out of your phone service.

Before You Call Shaw, Talk to the Technology Experts at Digital Sky Solutions

We’ll make the upgrade to VoIP seamless and easy, and help you save time and money in the process. We’ve partnered with Shaw to help simplify the steps businesses need to take to get their Voice over IP phone service running smoothly. Call (250) 483-5623 to talk to us about your phone system today.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

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