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Digital Sky Solutions has been serving the British Columbia area since 2006, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Three Reasons VoIP is an Ideal Investment for Businesses

Three Reasons VoIP is an Ideal Investment for Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol telephony, also known as VoIP, has been around for some time now, giving businesses the opportunity to take advantage of quite a few advantageous capabilities. If you haven’t made the switch over to VoIP yet, it may be time. 

Let’s go over a few signs that indicate that you would benefit from a switch to VoIP.

Your Business Needs the Scalability

Businesses will grow and shrink over time (British Columbia businesses are no exception) and this can cause your IT requirements to shift as a result. As these needs change, it’s important that your solutions are able to match them quickly and cost-effectively. Like other Internet-based options, such as hosted servers, VoIP is inherently scalable.

With a VoIP solution, your business can add or remove lines as the need arises, with the option to plan for future growth simplified greatly. Older phone systems often required complicated investments, for both new phone hardware and hardware on the system itself, and sometimes even licensing/trunks/ports/etc. This is without even mentioning how scaling up an older phone system could require construction work on your place of business… something VoIP doesn’t call for.

It is important to make sure you have a properly configured network and the Internet bandwidth to support VoIP. This is pretty standard for most businesses, and a simple network evaluation will give you peace of mind before pulling the trigger on a VoIP phone system. Calculating the requirements your business will present under peak usage will be an essential piece of these preparations, as allocating the right bandwidth will be necessary to place clear calls and communicate effectively.

How Your Team Members Frequently Operate

WIth remote operations and Bring Your Own Device strategies being more popular than ever before, phone systems need to support the extended capabilities that modern businesses require. VoIP is perfectly suited to precisely these needs.

VoIP solutions are able to keep your employees connected and productive whether they’re in the office, working remotely, or using a personal device to do either. By adopting VoIP, you give your team members the power to collaborate wherever they happen to be.

Budgetary Challenges

Conventional telephone solutions can be remarkably expensive, especially once you consider the cost of the infrastructure required to support them. By leveraging the cloud and its capabilities, VoIP solutions can drastically reduce these expenses without shortchanging your business out of the features it needs. On the contrary, cloud-based solutions like VoIP typically offer greater features and improvements as compared to the alternatives in terms of security, analytics, and availability.

We Can Assist You in Incorporating VoIP into Your Business’ Operations

Victoria businesses can take advantage of VoIP’s many benefits which have assisted scores of others in sustaining and advancing their operations, and we can help you put VoIP in place so that you can join their numbers. To learn more about VoIP solutions and the additional benefits that they can bring to your business, give us a call at (250) 483-5623 today.

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